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fuse swimming

Learning to swim is a life skill that everyone should have. At Fuse Swim, founder Darren Fox, an ex-Team GB swimmer has created a unique way to teach adults and children to become water confident.  So whether you want to learn in your home pool, in your local pool, or in our group sessions Fuse Swim have a number of options  


1-2-1 lessons



Our 1-2-1 sesson’s is available to both adults and children.  From non-swimmers to swimmers wanting to improve their strokes.  One to one session’s allows the swimmer to receive 100% attention from the instructor which enables the swimmer to reach their goals much quicker



  • Instructor in the water with client

  • Rapid improvement

  • Floats provided


Fuse swim school

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The Fuse Swim runs 1 day a week in Purley for children.  Unlike many other swim schools are groups are no larger than 4 per group with all instructors in the water with students, which allows swimmers to progress through the Fuse Swim School swimming stages rapidly



  • Small swimming groups

  • Instructors in the water with swimmers

  • Award ceremony termly

  • Rapid progression


Stroke analysis

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This service is available mostly for club swimmers and triathletes who are struggling with certain aspects of their swimming.  A stroke analysis is completed, then drills and exercises are designed to give the swimmer a more efficient stroke for racing



  • Stroke analysis breakdown report

  • Goal setting

  • Drills for independent practice

  • Training material to review and incoporate

Darren has been teaching my 8 y/o son for a few years now. He is patient which is needed with my son. Darrens swimming style is amazing, my son has improved immensely and now has so much confidence as he was scared of the deep end and jumping in prior to starting. I can’t recommend Fuse highly enough and can’t wait for my daughter to start learning with them when she’s old enough
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