Do you get enought sleep?

Sleep: The Importance of Getting 8 Hours or More a Night Sleep

Sleep – everyone does it. Whether you can’t wait to get into your bed every night and enjoy 10 hours, or you’re someone who spends some time tossing and turning, there’s no doubt that sleep is important for everyone. It’s a time each day that we let our body rest and shut down. Researchers have found that getting around 8 hours a night (for an adult) is the healthy amount. Yet, why is it so important? It comes down to a variety of factors: energy level, eating habits, exercise, and moods. Keep reading to learn more!

How does sleep affect your energy level?

This might seem like the most obvious. Everyone has woken up from a nap sent straight from above that gave you the boost to finish the rest of the day. Yet, consistent sleep satisfaction at night can leave you feeling more energized and alert and that’s what you should strive for. And the best way to do that? Consistently! Getting 8 hours every single night will allow your body to restore the functions it needs for daily life. Don’t let sleep quality and lack of sleep limit your ability to enjoy life, compromise your immune system, and put your weight and activity level at risk.

What impact does sleep have on your eating habits?

Have you ever noticed that your eating habits are different when you get less sleep? When you pulled that all-nighter in college, Uni, work or play, your next day likely consisted of coffee and junk food just to get you through. When you sleep, your body’s required caloric intake is reduced. Yet, when you’re in need of sleep, your brain releases chemical signals that indicate hunger. Thus, sleeping more and eating less has been linked. If you’ve been struggling with your weight or just maintaining healthy eating habits, sleeping more can be the solution for it all.

Sleep and exercise

Having trouble sleeping? Exercise might be the solution for you! Regardless of when you do it, exercise has been shown to help people sleep. People who exercise report that they sleep better than those who don’t, and they don’t get “sleepy” throughout the day, which means you can keep up the energy that drives your life.  On the flip side of this, not getting enough sleep, and the likelihood of you having energy to exercise will diminish.  So all the planning to get into gym can all be undone simply by getting 1 less hours sleep a night

The effect of sleep on your mood 

Again, this might be an obvious one. Who isn’t bound to lose their temper when they are sleep-deprived? Those who report that they experience negative moods like anger, frustration, irritability, and sadness. Sleeplessness is also a symptom of mood disorders like depression and anxiety, which demonstrates how they go hand-in-hand. The impact that sleep has on you is one that you can intimately feel and control just by getting a few more zzz’s every single night.

Final thoughts  

Not convinced? Try it yourself! Hit the hay early tonight and get more sleep. Eight hours should always be the goal for adults because it helps you in all facets of your life. Your energy level will skyrocket, your moods will balance, your eating will improve, and exercise provides tangible benefits as well. Sleep more, do more! You got this.

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