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For the summer of 2019 Fuse Fitness launches it’s classes in Croydon. We are bringing some of our most popular classes to outside spaces in Croydon.

Join us every Sunday 10.30am - 11.30am and Wednesday 7pm - 8pm at Mellows Park, Wallington and Purley Playing fields, Purley

Our goal is to get your strong, fit but most of to have fun whilst you work-out.

We think you’ll enjoy our classes so much that we offer a FREE trial to any of our classes


strength and conditioning

The Cage image.jpg


Welcome to The Cage - a workout that combines heavy lifts along with functioning training concepts. Think CrossFit meets F45!
All this happens outside (we hope for the summer of 2018) which means no sweaty hot rooms!



  • Prowlers

  • Battle Ropes

  • Heavy Tyres

  • Dip Bars



Boxing Camp.jpg


Train like a pro at our Boxing C.A.M.P
Learn the art of Boxing as you train like a pro and become razor sharp fit!
Sessions include, skipping, shadow boxing, technique work, boxing conditioning, footwork drills and sparring.
No matter if you are a novice or an experienced boxer these sessions will take you to the next level.



  • Skipping

  • Pad Work

  • Drills

  • Partner Work


beastmode hiit

BeastMode banner.jpg


Take your fitness to the next level! BeastMode is a HIIT style workout with a twist!
No weights, no gimmicks, just bodyweight movements & resistance bands to sculpt and tone you
Put this altogether and now its time to get your BeastMode on and give 45mins of pure sweat and come out BEASTED!



  • Resistance bands

  • Mats

  • Live DJ sessions

  • New monthly workout releases